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Faded Out of Mal'Ganis
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Faded Out is moving on
09/24/2009 11:09 PM by Shockington

We've found greater and greener pastures and have decided to merge with Pro Baddies to form a stronger more consistent guild.

To get an invite to the new guild pst any officer from Faded Out. If you're in FO please only ask officers from FO for an invite. This is to cut down on "Who the hell is......" when inviting.


Alliance first 10 man Tribute to Skill
09/09/2009 06:05 PM by Shockington

Alliance 1st
Realm 7th
World 207th


TotC Dead
09/09/2009 06:00 PM by Shockington

TotC Dead for a while


Ventrilo/Website Donations
05/11/2009 04:34 PM by Coltamage
We are continuing to take donations to keep our ventrilo and this website up and running monthly. Any amounts are welcome!

The paypal account has been upgraded and can now accept unlimited credit card donations.

Note that it is preferred to have a paypal account, as there are no fees accessed when sending money that way. A paypal account is easy to set up and doesn't cost anything.

5 dkp per dollar, a max of 75 dkp per month, will be awarded for donations. (There is no cap on how much you can donate, however).

Note: Please send me a message on the forums stating your donation amount after you donate so I know who it is, or make a note when you donate.


Yogg-Saron Destroyed
05/07/2009 10:58 PM by Coltamage


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